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Blejska koča(cottage) is in Liapnca and a cottage of a second category. It's always supplied and kept as well.

Cottage has 18 seats in the dining room and additional 29 seats in the bottom chill area. Outside we offer 120 seats with tables and benches. On the first floor there are two rooms with shared accomodation that can host 34 people(24+10). Two rooms have three or four beds while we can host additional 12 people with the add on of pillows. Shared bathroom is on the underground level. We do not provide showers. Everyday there are homecooked meals traditional to Slovenia and a wide variety of beverages.


Originally the cottage opened on June 6th, 1954 in a renovated sheperds cottage. The Bled Mountain Society bought the shepars hut from farmers in 1976. It was remodeled and enlarget into and outpost on August 6th, 1978.


The view to the least and south first takes in the estensvie forests on Pokljuka plateu, behind on the eastern side there is the Gorenje plain spreading and revealing the peaks of Kamniške Alps; to the south behind the green surfave of Pokljuka and Jelovica, the peaks of Lower Bohinj Mountains rise. The view of the west stops on the nearby southeastern slopes of Liponski vrh, Vrh Razor and Debeli Vrh. To the north of the hut slopes of Debela Peč are rising and revealing the ridge of Karavanke with a view of Stol right through the woods.

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